When another writer in another house is not free, no writer is free.

— Orhan Pamuk
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The PEN Melbourne Centre is one of 147 PEN International centres worldwide whose members are united in a common concern for the art of writing and freedom of expression. As an affiliate of PEN International, PEN Melbourne brings writers together from across cultures to share experiences, explore ideas and conduct public conversations about how literature transforms, influences and fosters cross-cultural exchange. PEN Melbourne focuses on women writers, Indigenous Australian writers, writers in prison, and has an interest in the Asia and Pacific region. It campaigns on behalf of persecuted and silenced writers and lets them know they are not alone. PEN Melbourne’s publication The Quarterly provides a forum for members to publish relevant works.

As writers in many countries continue to be silenced the work of PEN is needed more than ever.

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London-based Australian human rights lawyer Jennifer Robinson has been a legal adviser to Assange and Wikileaks since the start of this decade. Ms Robinson says the indictment of Assange “sets a terrifying precedent” by “criminalising common journalistic practices which have been used towards the public interest for decades in the United States”. In November 2019 she spoke at public meetings organised by PEN Sydney and Melbourne centres. Here she talks with Quentin Dempster about the realities of the charges Assange …

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Mammad Aidani Why are we here in Australia, so silent on what has been happening in Iran? Iranian citizens want to live freely in an open and democratic society in which they can work and live in peace. The Islamic regime, which has been in power since February 1979, has never allowed Iranian citizens to experience these basic human rights in their country, and in recent days many have taken to the streets to fiercely protest …

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During a recent visit to Australia, Jennifer Robinson, legal adviser to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, sat down with MEAA to explain the implications for all journalists of the US government indictment against Assange, and why it is important for MEAA members to campaign against his extradition on press freedom grounds. https://www.meaa.org/news/jennifer-robinson/ Assange, faces up to 170 years in jail if extradited, tried and found guilty of espionage charges laid by the United States government. Assange, who is an Australian citizen …